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Poll Results!

In October we asked who would score more goals for Merton Social this season:

Will Fryer or a One-Legged Badger.

The results were surprisingly astounding...

Of the 28 people who participated in the poll a whopping 28 of them said a One-Legged Badger would finish top of the scoring charts. For those of you that failed GCSE Maths, that's a cool 100% of the votes.

Our site admin revealed that even Will Fryer himself participated in the vote, such is the high confidence of the footballing ability and goalscoring prowess of Englands #1 Mustelidaen striker.

"It's great to even just be nominated for such an accolade" said a sheepish looking Will Fryer. "Everyone know's how good Badger is in front of goal, and he's right banter in the dressing room as well - always chucking mashed potato everywhere. Proper Lad."

Sadly, Badger was unavailable for comment.

To commemorate Badgers win, we've compiled some of his best strikes for England.

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