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St Martins Massacre (sort of)

The rain poured down as we headed to Surrey to play the infamous St martins.

Infamous because they always loose so we were feeling confident the victory was

in the bag. The new training tops only helped to encourage these feelings. We

were a real team. Oscar looked on with envy as we all warmed up with a spring

in our step.

The match got under way eventually and we dominated possession but we just

couldn’t get the ball across the line. Daniel missed a couple of chances that even

the injured JD would have slotted home, alas we persevered. Sam doing an

excellent job in the middle to win back the ball every time it slipped out of Jacks


After some relentless attacks the first goal came. Sam split open the defense with

a perfectly waited ball to Tom, who still had a lot to do. His first touch was

something his girl friend would have been proud of. If he had one. He then

hammered the ball in the back of the net. The strike was straight from the top

draw of his wardrobe, in the living room of his bungalow. Another contender for

goal of the month.

A high defensive line meant that St Martins managed to have a couple of chances

on goal but they didn’t manage to convert. The ever-reliable Tom P having to act

as a sweeper. We were also extremely lucky that the ref didn’t award St Martins

a penalty, with Oscar sticking out a leg, he must of got confused and thought he

was still at Dog Star trying to catch another victim.

The Second goal couldn’t of come soon enough, with TK finally converting one of

his many Free kicks into the back of the net. A huge cheer of relief came from

Jack as we started to feel this game was really ours. We went into Half time 2 nil

up and ready to get more goals.

I think the weather played a big part in the game as we battled through the

conditions. Tom finished off another one on one. This arguably wasn’t taken as

nicely as the fist but it was a goal all the same and we were home and definitely

not dry. Billy managed to make it 4 – 0, from what was a goal keeper error, but it

meant we could leave feeling happy about a good solid victory. Onwards and

upwards now.


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