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Hart steals the show with two goals, two assists and two man of the matches in 2-0 win

So here it is Merry Christmas, Merton Social’s having fun. A quick look at our future fixtures sees Colliers Wood waiting for us in the New Year, but with Aron and Dom both missing all I want for Christmas is you lot to go easy on the booze and mince pies.

Silent nights all round on Friday meant that the lads were fit and raring to go on Saturday morning. LOL JK, we were all a mess.

We lined up with: Rudolph (on loan from West Ham) Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen

Comet Cupid Donder Blitzen Louis Jox


Bruiser Kyle Danny

Ok so the team was actually:


Anst Kiran Broughy

Matt Dom Harry Eddie


Jox Louis

Still on the bench:

Bruiser Danny Kyle

After two not so easy games against this opposition already this season, we knew despite their league position they held a couple of aces, not least their number 8, a dangerous player on both the previous occasions we’d played them.

We had decided to continue the 3-5-2 formation that had borne so much fruit in last week’s game and hoped it would continue into this game. After Matt’s brace he was encouraged to bomb forward, but not at the expense of the team’s shape, with Eddie and Matt instructed to join the attack, only if their counterpart on the other wing was safely back.

So in true Merton style, the whistle went and both wing backs bombed on. LM United were sat with all their players behind the ball which meant a lot of time and space for Brough, Kiran and Anst at the back. Danny was doing a great job at lino.

After 30 minutes and not many chances being created, Harry was playing so well that he was showing everyone else up, so he, Kiran and Eddie made way for Danny, Kyle and Bruiser. To be fair to the lads who came on, they did change the game our passing became a bit more deep and crisp and even. Top of the tree though was Kyle who afterwards took credit for both goals which was strange as he was about 50 yards away from both of them.

For the first, Matt ding-donged his way merrily though the LM united defence before Jox took over and bent a brilliant finish into the top bin from 30 yards. Kyle watched on brilliantly.

Shortly later and the boys in the NYPD choir scored a second. The Christmas Rhino was smashing around inside the penalty area which was causing as much confusion as it sounds. The keeper in no mans land, managed to clear but only as far as Dom who lifted the ball deftly over the keeper and into the vacant stocking.

Last match report of the year so apologies for the lack of detail but I’ve just banged out three in a row (cheers Al). Other highlights included Bruiser “folding” someone on the halfway line (Thanks for the new phrase Harry). Bart made a couple of good saves after not playing for a couple of years. Anstey had a perfectly good goal ruled out after the ref said Jox’s cross has gone out of play. This is hard to believe as he headed it from about 10 yards out and Jox’s whip ain’t all that. The game finished 2-0 and Merton went 2nd at Christmas which is actually a really good achievement lads, thanks everyone for their commitment and hard work.

Man of the match on Saturday was Quinno, after a really tight vote where Jox, Broughy and Dom were all contenders.

God rest you merry Merton men, and have a cracking break. Try and be available on the 9th Jan if you can.


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