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Why does it always Bane on me?

The Soche headed up to Caterham on Saturday to play the team whose name I now cant remember, so we’ll call them Caterham.

After a 100 mile walk up Everest and past a few fresh chick(uns) we eventually made it to the top and to the best pitch we’ve ever played on. It appeared a technical game lay ahead for the Soche, so no blaming bobbles etc, although Phil might have blamed the ‘wind’ for one moment in the game, although we’ll get to that later.

The game kicked off and straight away the Soche were looking threatening. There was some really nice moves from defence through to attack which looked promising and kept Caterham under pressure. Two notable moments was when Tk’s shoot whistled past the post after a great move, and then not long afterwards Billy put away a sweeties finish in the far corner only to be dissalowed as Tom kicked / lunged into the defender before hand.

Caterham were having a few pops from distance as well but the defence were keeping strong. The only real threat was the suprising inclusion of Bane into the Caterham squad, whose pace was giving us problems throughout. Oly however did well to injure the bat(ty)man with a powerful challenge which wasn’t any joke(r) which (Goth)Ham would have been proud of.

Soon after the Soche won a corner on the left side. Billy swept in a sumptuous ball, but it was headed away. Then falling about 30 yards from goal, Daniel rose to meet the ball which a bicycle kick that sent the ball rocketing into the top corner of the net. In the madness of the moment it could have been seen as a header from a yard out, I’ll let you decide.

Not long after after Billy put in another Beaut from a corner although Robocop couldn’t quite make the required contact and it went just wide. Shoulda shagged it.

The half ended and the Soche were in control.

2nd half began although quickly it was 1-1 as there player drilled a shot from 15 yards out.

Soon after the ref awarded an outrageous penalty for handball which they despatched well.

They then got another before quickly making it 4-1 after that. The ball hannin in the air for a while before Poor philbo attempted to tickle it down, and fallin to their player to put into an empty net. Not exactly a bannin goal.

The Soche eventually regained their heads and composure, taking control of the game, but unfortunately too late.Tom Leach saved a bit of pride by scoring a lovely strike with his left foot late on, and gave everyone a much needed laugh with his jubilant celebration.

The game ended 4-2 but the Soche roll on.


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