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Don't Come to the Park if You Know Nothing About Dogs

Leaving the changing room on Saturday and heading to the Fog for a selection of wonderful ham and cheese wraps and sandwiches, respectively, we were greeted with a man, who looked like he was about to set the world on fire. His dog, had sprinted a good 400 feet to jump at a lone blonde woman. The woman was screaming "Call your dog back!" the bloke responded with "what are you on about you stupid bitch...he's just a fucking puppy....don't come to the fucking park if you know nothing about dogs!". Whilst it wasn't exactly fair on the poor lass who was just minding her own business and trying not to be bit by a mutt, It made me laugh and, quite genuinely, was the highlight of my day.

The second highlight of my day was Louis' great run and finish, tackling the fullback near the half way line and barging past three defenders before slotting the ball past a helpless keeper. That was brilliant. it also made it 1-2 and gave us a brief bit of hope...

My third highlight of the day, was Scott coming back from the hospital on 60 minutes, being subbed straight on and saving a penalty with his first touch of the game. A glorious diving save down to his right which clawed the ball out and to safety. (Special thanks to Sam, who went in goal at very short notice and gave a great account of himself.)

Other than that, there's nothing else to speak of on a day when each Merton player can hang their head in shame.

The End.


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