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The Soche put aside pre-match embarrassments to grind out a result

Easter weekend... For some, a time to reconnect with family and friends. For others, a time to get seshed. For the Soche, a time to conquer a visiting team (and then sesh).

The mighty Soche relocated themselves to Tooting Bec Common for their home fixture against RH Athletic. A team which caught the Soche on a bad day last autumn. However, also a team who were too young and too weak to face the glorious Soche on a warmer, sunnier Spring day.

Things did not start out too well though, after the Tooting groundsman being one of those who were seshing it far too hard, and forgotten to come down to do their job. The Soche had to opt to fetch nets themselves, Tom excitedly driving and JB somehow getting into the car much to the disgust of Tom.

With our automated mecha-manager JD on the sideline, somehow injured by the gaffer earlier in the week, the Soche set themselves up to put on a show for the Black-and-Blue Ultras that had made their way down to cheer them on.

Unfortunately, once out on the longest and driest of pitches the Soche had graced all season, the match swiftly turned into a drab defensive affair with little action in either box. The Soche continued their strong defensive performances recently, allowing few chances. Although not creating much the other end either. RH, depleted of the pace of Bane, offered little threat. Their main threats came from a legging-wearing boy who had obviously been practicing his chapeau, and another smaller boy with sock-boots who looked like a fat Jimmy Carr, and was also challenging Daniel on who could be the bigga wigga.

Late in the First half, the Soche converted one of many threatening corners. Andy, down from the 2nds to help us in our depleted midfield, bundled in a t’riffic delivery to make it 1-0 to the mighty Soche.

The second half started much like the first, however you could sense that the Soche were growing into the game. More chances were being created down the very, very long wings, and a few more shots were being taken in and around their box. Although the Soche were still determined to make things difficult for themselves.

Tom continued to live offside, no doubt a pleasant change from living with parents. Pheel seemingly felt sorry for them down their left wing, and dribbled the ball out for them to have a throw in. While Dee-fizla also wanted to gift them a throw in by slicing an attempted volley which turned square on the dusty pitch.

At the other end, the defensive solidity the Soche is capable of was at it’s finest. The legendary partnership of The Reverend and The Chino kept their diminutive forwards at bay, and any overrun passes were gratefully swept up by Tommy P.

At the end of proceedings, it was this solid foundation that saw the noble Soche through the 90 minutes. Much to the dismay of the children from RH who continued to cry themselves back onto their coach.


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