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Ball over the line - Merton Social disorder

The build up to this lustrous fixture began last Friday at the cape crusaders birthday. Merton had the week off and Daniel decided to take it too far, dragging Jack along for the journey. Chatting away until 9.30 in the morning. No act this outrageous can happen without a price to be paid and boy oh boy was a price paid for this sesh. I think Daniel would agree, he’s still paying a price.

Anyway, we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and we turned up at the pitch on Saturday ready for another Merton game. We were playing a good side and it was always going to be tricky.

The first half went well with a Solid performance all round. Jd had a good game in the middle and should probably be writing this match report but he isn’t as funny as Jb, so that’s that.

We were strong in the first half, playing well as a team, however we didn’t manage to create many chances. We felt really positive at half time and ready for the second half. This positivity quickly disintegrated as a free kick on the edge of the box was whipped in. bumbled around and was then handled by Daniel which still didn’t stop the ball from going over the line. No not that kinda line.

Anyways, luckily Daniel didn’t get sent off and the goal was given. 1 – 0. Merton were rattled. Then not long after that they managed to score another goal, the blond guy hit the ball nicely which floated past Patrick. This is not to take away from Patricks performance. It was brilliant for him to step in and its safe to say he’s caught the bug. Merton were 2-0 down and rattled. Jack was dizzy from his late start and still recovering from Capes birthday so took himself off. Merton found some form. Daniel had a clear penalty ignored as the ref played advantage for billy, who didn’t manage to convert the chance. We’d of preferred the pen thanks ref.

Their 3rd goal came from a cross into the box and a glancing header. This put the game to bed.

There are some important lessons to be learnt from this performance, they were a strong side, but we can come back and show our character going forward. We can do better and improve on this for next week. Lets hope the morale, spirit and camaraderie prevails. Its important we stay positive, keep working hard and win our next game against the vets. Plus swans looking like he’s in next week. So lets hope he lives up to the hype. I hope everyone has a good week and gets the rest they’ll need for the next big battle in our Merton careers. UTS.

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